Accelerating the
world’s food ecosystem


McWin Partners is raising a dedicated €250m food ecosystem fund that will be operated independently from the private fund, with a separate team running it. The mission is to offer best-in-sector businesses & entrepreneur-owners access to growth capital that will allow them to unlock the full potential of their companies and drive top-decile returns.


Food Service

The Food Ecosystem Fund will invest 70% of its capital in the food service segment, where the leadership team has unparalleled operational experience. The investment focus is on concepts that can be aligned with changing consumer needs.

Food Tech

The remaining 30% of the fund will be allocated towards the food tech vertical, where, over the past 5 years, the team has built a strong position in the world’s leading Alt protein companies.


Connecting the food ecosystem:
capital, entrepreneurs, brands and technology, delivering a more sustainable future.

Core Values

Relentless execution

We are doers. We make a big impact in the companies we invest in by directing our resources and talent pool and leveraging our global network with a relentless focus on execution.

Fostering strong culture

We value the lively interchange that emerges in the process and aim to always foster dynamic, open environments and cultures. We are always there for the leadership of our portfolio companies. With our extensive experience, we mentor and support the founders.

Ruthless discipline of cost control

We don‘t compromise on cost control. We deploy ruthless discipline over cost items throughout the process. From early investment decisions to later operations of our portfolio companies. We strongly believe this is half the battle won.

Clear steady aim

Since we fundamentally understand the businesses and markets in which we invest and operate, we know where we are going and don’t deviate from our course as we progress.