Unique Investment Opportunity in International Food Service and Food Tech Sector


McWin Food Ecosystem Fund (the ‘McWin FEF’) was founded in September 2021 and is focused on food service and food tech investment opportunities. The Fund is founded by two entrepreneurs: Henry McGovern and Steven K. Winegar.

Henry McGovern, was the founder of AmRest, Europe’s leading restaurant company. Under Henry’s leadership, AmRest delivered a 15x return to investors between IPO and Henry’s exit in 2019, through building an exceptional culture, dynamic organic growth, and a series of acquisitions.

Steven K. Winegar, an icon in the Spanish restaurant industry for 30+ years and an international businessman, funded and developed several restaurant concepts including Foster´s Hollywood, Restauravia (La Tagliatella) and MegaFood with three successful exits over the last 30 years, including Restauravia which was awarded the “Iberian Best Operation of the Year 2011”.

Henry and Steven have extensive experience investing in the food tech and broader disruptive technologies. 

The team is raising a dedicated fund, leveraging their years of experience and network in the food service sector. We believe that change in the food sector is both necessary and inevitable. 

Investment opportunity

Clear opportunity for the Fund as partner of choice for brands and operators

  • Changing consumer trends, accelerated by the pandemic
  • Pent up customer demand post pandemic
  • Continuous brand expansion, taking away the market share for the last two decades. Due to Covid-19, there is a momentary pause in expansion by many of the brands, which represents a monetary opportunity to invest and drive long-term returns
  • Operators need new capital to scale up operations
  • Ability to access, develop and successfully deploy food tech to meet consumer preferences to influence industry winners and losers
  • With its experience and network, the Fund team is very well positioned to identify and act on opportunities created by the current environment

Track record

Unparalleled track record of value creation

Unparalleled track record of scaling up organizations. Growing AmRest from mid-size domestic player into pan-European operator of 2,300+ restaurants and 50,000+ employees strong. Exit carried out at $ 3.2bn valuation (PLN 57 per share)

AmRest Financial Performance (in mEUR)

  • 20 successful acquisitions
  • €2.0bn revenues reached from €100mn in 15 years
  • Restaurants – 169 in 2005 going up to 2,226 at the end of 2019. 13-fold increase.
  • Employees – 5,700 in 2005 (IPO) going up to 51,800 at the end of 2019 (prior to Covid-19 lay-offs).

AmRest Share Price History vs Major Indices (in USD, rebased at AmRest IPO)

AmRest1,271% return since IPO
S&P 500 – 150% return
mWIG40 – 104% return