Burger King Germany Investment Overview

Burger King is an iconic global burger concept. With the scale of 750+ restaurants in Germany, it is the #2 quick service brand in one of the most attractive QSR markets worldwide. Exclusive master franchise and development agreement grants the company the sole rights for development and sub-franchising of Burger King across entire German market.

Thesis snapshot

Unique opportunity to enter, consolidate and lead attractive German QSR market. Burger King Germany is a top tier QSR business with sizeable scale, ample white space and significant margin uplift opportunity. Highly resilient business model, proven during Covid-19 period, and well-positioned to benefit from ongoing delivery & digital disruption in the food service industry.

Thesis points

  • One of the most attractive QSR markets with business model resilient to Covid crisis
  • Sizeable business (revenue run-rate of EUR 140m) with significant margin expansion opportunity
  • Exclusive franchise and development rights for entire country
  • Ample white space and market consolidation potential (sub-franchisees roll-up)
  • Frontrunner in QSR digitalization, with significant opportunity in delivery segment
  • Highly experienced management team with a long-standing industry expertise

MCWIN FEF Value add

Exceptional track record of McWin FEF Founders and Partners in developing QSR chains internationally.

Enhancement of operating systems and processes.

Support in building development capabilities ready for dynamic network expansion.

Support in execution of market consolidation plans, based on a solid M&A track record of McWin FEF team.

Support in strengthening organizational culture and building KPI-based management system.

Leverage digital & delivery across other portfolio companies.

Synergies in supply chain across portfolio companies.

Our goal is to adapt QSR in Germany to changing customer preferences and reach new target groups with new restaurant concepts, a better digital experience, and by expanding our market leadership in vegetarian and vegan offerings. We are happy that with McWin we have attracted one of the most experienced investors in the QSR sector. Together, we will drive this transformation of Burger King® in Germany even faster, while scaling our business significantly.

Cornelius Everke, CEO