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Accelerating the
world’s food ecosystem


McWin FEF I has invested in leading food services brands, such as Burger King, Vapiano and Gails, and within the food technology allocation, the fund has invested in category leaders in teh alternative protein, sustainable packaging and vertical farming space.


Food Service

The Food Ecosystem Fund will invest 70% of its capital in the food service segment, where the leadership team has unparalleled operational experience. The investment focus is on concepts that can be aligned with changing consumer needs.

Food Tech

The remaining 30% of the fund will be allocated towards the food tech vertical, where, over the past 5 years, the team has built a strong position in the world’s leading Alt protein companies.


Connecting the food ecosystem:
capital, entrepreneurs, brands and technology, delivering a more sustainable future.


Leverage our entrepreneurial drive, unparalleled food industry network, proven operational capabilities, belief in technology and love of building businesses to be the partner of choice for founders, investors and management teams.

Core Values

Relentless execution

We are doers. We make a big impact in the companies we invest in by directing our resources and talent pool and leveraging our global network with a relentless focus on execution.

Ruthless discipline of cost control

We don't compromise on cost control. We deploy ruthless discipline over cost items throughout the process. From early investment decisions to later operations of our portfolio companies. We strongly believe this is half the battle won.

Fostering strong culture

We value the lively interchange that emerges in the process and aim to always foster dynamic, open environments and cultures. We are always there for the leadership of our portfolio companies. With our extensive experience, we mentor and support the funders.

Clear steady aim

Since we fundamentally understand the businesses and markets in which we invest and operate, we know where we are going and don’t deviate from our course as we progress.


Investment Opportunity in International Foodservice and Foodtech Sector


McWin Food Ecosystem Fund (the ‘McWin FEF’) was founded in September 2021 and is focused on foodservice and foodtech investment opportunities

The Fund is founded by two entrepreneurs: Henry McGovern and Steven K. Winegar

Henry, the founder of AmRest, Europe’s leading restaurant company. Under Henry’s leadership, AmRest delivered a 13,7x return to investors between IPO and Henry’s exit in 2019, through building an exceptional culture, dynamic organic growth, and a series of acquisitions

Steve, an icon in the Spanish restaurant industry for 30+ years and an international businessman, he funded and developed several restaurant concepts including Foster’s Hollywood, Restauravia (La Tagliatella) and MegaFood with several successful exits over the last 30 years.

The team is raising a dedicated fund, leveraging their years of experience and network in the foodservice sector

We believe there are substantial changes needed in the food system for sustainability and environmental improvements.

Both Henry and Steve have made multiple investments in leading food service and food tech, as well as the broader disruptive technology space. 

Investment opportunity

Clear opportunity for the Fund as partner of choice for brands and operators

  • Changing consumer trends, accelerated by the pandemic
  • Pent-up customer demand post pandemic
  • Consistent scale back of chain and independent operators across Europe will lead to oversupply in space as well as a supply gap in quality operators as activity increases
  • Operators still trading may need new capital to scale up operations
  • Ability to access, develop and successfully deploy foodtech to meet consumer preferences to influence industry winners and losers
  • With its experience and network, the Fund team is very well positioned to identify and act on opportunities created by the current environment