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Footprint investment overview

Footprint is building sustainable packaging at scale. Footprint develops technology and plant-based materials to help companies cut unnecessary plastic from their operations. The only plant-based solutions providing customer brands differentiating solutions at a price point comparable to plastic.

Thesis snapshot

With sold out production position until 2023-year end, in a segment experiencing significant regulatory, as well as end customer pressures, Footprint is the only company on the market that provides sustainable, plant-based, packaging solutions that match plastic alternatives on price and performance.

Thesis points

  • Disrupting a massive $315bn+ plastic packaging market
  • Contracted revenue and sold-out position until 2023 year-end.
  • Strong partnerships with global blue-chip companies
  • Significant room for growth with rapidly developing pipeline
  • Low competition, with Footprint being 5 years ahead of the closest competitor on key R&D metrics

MCWIN FEF Value add

With significant ties to the industry, helping Footprint gain footing in European QSR market.

Helping Footprint build-out new production facilities in Poland, and later potentially Spain; markets to which McWin hold deep ties.

McWin is a strategic investor for us. We value their passion for food, sustainability, and their deep QSR expertise.

Tory Swope, CEO