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An $8.8 trillion global food industry is on the cusp of monumental transformation

The world is headed towards challenges with regard to availability of food and climate impact. The current food system is very broken and won’t be able to support projected population growth, nor will we be able to meet climate change targets through it.


increase in crop production is required to meet the world’s food demand by 2050


as much CO2 is emitted from the food industry today than the World’s transportation industry combined


planet Earths required
by 2050 to sustain today’s consumption


of agricultural land is taken up by animal agriculture despite supplying 17% of humanity’s food


of greenhouse gases are related to food


billion humans 9.7 by 2050


Leverage our entrepreneurial drive, strong food industry network, proven operational capabilities, belief in technology and love of building businesses to be the partner of choice for founders, investors and management teams

Targeted deal focus

Global food tech highlights and drivers for growth

Food tech industry highlights

Global population growth pressures on food ecosystem

Lack of arable land and inability to satisfy protein demand in the future

Changing consumer needs driving demand for sustainability

Health, well-being, and diet perception driving industry change

Unsustainable CO2 emissions of food industry

Perception shifts in food production, consumption, and distribution driven by tech

Significant capital support of food tech sector, fueling significant growth & progress

McWin's Edge

Several distinctive capabilities differentiate McWin and provide a strong advantage.

Focus on growth-stage

Vast majority of food tech-oriented funds focus on early-stage investments, while bigger growth PE firms prefer investing in later stage opportunities

We believe that this creates a gap for Series B & C funding rounds where, along with McWin, only a handful of funds operate and fill the gap

Robust approach to due diligence

At McWin, we are obsessed with due diligence and will never compromise on that.

We make operational on-site visits, while setting the industry standard

Our due diligence process and reports have been a reference point for some of the world’s biggest VC powerhouses

Portfolio of more than 1,500 restaurants

McWin through its funds owns several proprietary brands, such as Vapiano and Gais, as well as being a master franchisee of Burger King in Germany with an aggregate portfolio consisting of over 1,300 locations

Leading food tech startups see an immense value add in our restaurant portfolio that acts as launchpad for many of their products.

Proven track record in scaling businesses

We have a highly successful leadership team

The operating team has extensive experience in scaling up companies and has served on numerous Boards

The team has an exceptional strategic and governance experience