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McWin Food Tech Fund

An $8.8 trillion global food industry is on the cusp of monumental transformation

McWin team is raising a dedicated Food Tech Fund following the success story of the McWin Food Ecosystem Fund which has to date invested in some of the most exciting companies in the food tech space.

The food system is broken and McWin is a part of building a more sustainable model.

Food and Climate Crisis

The world is headed towards challenges with regard to availability of food and climate impact. The current food system is broken and won’t be able to support projected population growth, nor will we be able to meet climate change targets through it.

~80% more crops needed by 2050 food demand

~30% of greenhouse gases are related to food

9.7 billion humans by 2050

77% of agricultural land used by animal agriculture, despite supplying only 17% of food

2x CO2 emissions from food industry compared to transportation

1.6 Earths needed by 2050 to sustain current consumption

Investment Opportunities

Our focus is on investing in companies that are transforming the food industry. We believe that the following themes will have a significant impact on the industry's future and offer attractive investment opportunities.

We aim to cover investments from farm to fork, creating a balanced portfolio across these food supply chain verticals. By doing so, we hope to diversify risk and contribute to a sustainable and resilient food system.



Alternative Proteins

Clean Nutrition


Waste and Efficiency

Food Service and Restaurant Tech

Investment Criteria

Strong IP/technology portfolio to protect processes and raise barriers to entry

Differentiated business models, such as B2B focus, in crowded fields

Exceptional core team capable of guiding scale-up phase

Scalable business models tackling large market segments with growth potential

Strategic influence through board level participation or observer rights with a target equity stake


Series B investments where there is a proven product, with revenues and ready to scale

Balanced portfolio across food supply chain verticals, including agri-tech, ingredients, consumer tech, supply chain management, and sustainable packaging, to diversify risk.

Notable Investment


Catcher operates the first B2B last-mile delivery marketplace. Their unique SaaS platform connects establishments and restaurants with delivery drivers, private fleets, and drivers hired by these businesses. The platform has 8.500 registered riders and over 700 active restaurants, with an additional 1000 in backlog.

Clever Carnivore

Clever Carnivore, one of the most promising companies in the cultured meat space. They have achieved an economically viable cost of goods at an extremely early stage while burning an incredibly limited sum of capital to reach that milestone.  

Cook Unity

Cook Unity is a leading ready-to-eat subscription model company operating in 7 cities in the United States. With over 55,000 ordering subscribers and over 1 million meals sold per month, helping to reduce waste, and promoting circular economy.

The EVERY Company

EVERY is a biotechnology company engineering, manufacturing and formulating animal-free, animal proteins as ingredients for the global food and beverage industry, starting with the World's first chicken less egg proteins.

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An $8.8 trillion global food industry is on the cusp of monumental transformation

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