McWin Announces Strategic Alliance with Catcher in Last Mile Delivery

We are pleased to announce a two-year strategic alliance between McWin Capital Partners and Catcher, a pioneering company in last mile delivery. Our collaboration is aimed at deploying Catcher’s innovative solutions within the restaurant networks connected to McWin.

The McWin Food Tech Fund has an opportunity to generate equity in the company through the deployment of Catcher to the restaurant ecosystem affiliated to McWin. The term sheet also includes the cash investment opportunity of the fund into Catcher in the future, which will help to accelerate Catcher’s growth even further.

The McWin team and Catcher intend to finalize binding documentation in Q12024.

“We are thrilled to partner with McWin. This marks a key milestone in our relatively short history, allowing us to accelerate our European expansion and gain valuable advice to achieve operational excellence—a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Gustavo Garcia
CEO and Founder of Catcher

“This alliance with Catcher is a pivotal step in reshaping the delivery experience, while adding significant value to our fund. We’re committed to advancing the industry, delivering value to our restaurant partners, and enhancing service for every customer.”

Martin Davalos
Partner and Head of Food Technology at McWin