MENU investment overview

MENU developed the most advanced, holistic, and integrated digital omnichannel platform enabling restaurant brands to offer guest self-order, pay incentive & engagement. They are one of the most important providers for global restaurant brands on the market.

Thesis snapshot

With restaurants becoming more and more digital in order to satisfy customer demands, Menu provides the most complete technical stack on the market that allows operators bridge the digital gap. Additionally, MENU is certified by some of the world’s largest restaurant brands and has actionable pipeline of +30,000 locations.

Thesis points

  • Massive addressable market estimated at 1.5 million restaurants
  • MENU solution certified and recognized by some of the world’s largest food service company
  • Incredible actionable pipeline with over 30,000 restaurants including global brands like RBI, YUM! Brands, Subway, Jollibee, Papa John’s, etc.
  • Great management team headed by Karl Heinz who has significant scaling experience
  • Unrivalled tech stack covering the entire spectrum of solutions demanded by food service operators
  • Attractive value proposition, as we invested at +50% discount to internal DCF valuation

MCWIN FEF Value add

Making introductions in Europe to large food service operators that would be eager to use MENU’s solution.

“MENU is thrilled to be working closely with McWin's portfolio restaurant brands to provide digital experiences to franchise partners and their guests to facilitate order processes encompassing new order types, to enhance guest loyalty and engagement as well as to automate delivery processes. We are particularly impressed by McWin's "digital first" strategy, which is highly symbiotic with MENU's holistic digital strategy to revolutionize restaurant experiences.”

Karl Heinz Koch, CEO