Vapiano Investment Overview

Vapiano is a global premium fast-casual Italian concept. Aimed at transforming Italian food for the new eating trends, the brand offers personalized handmade fresh pasta, pizza and dolci, in the spacious, beautifully designed restaurants in 30+ countries.

Thesis snapshot

Acquired from the insolvency process during Covid-19 crisis, Vapiano business has undergone a process of restructuring and today is well-positioned for accelerated international growth, both through equity and franchise network expansion. With a sizeable white space across existing markets, the aim is to leverage the potential of widely accepted Italian fast casual segment to re-establish the brand which once was a EUR 550m+ business (prior to Covid-19).

Thesis points

  • Proven fast-casual Italian concept
  • Advanced restructuring processes already in place, with highly experienced management team in place and improved relationships with franchisees
  • Re-designed concept with asset-light expansion plans
  • Sizeable business (EUR 2020m system sales in 2021) poised for further growth
  • Significant equity and franchise network opportunity across existing markets
  • Potential in adoption of new platforms, incl. e-commerce, to ensure digital availability

MCWIN FEF Value add

Enhance management team set up through the access to highly experienced industry talents.

Build a strong organizational culture, focused on restaurant level operating excellence.

Delivery strategy deployment to accommodate aggregators and white label own-delivery.

Synergies in the areas of operations, IT, supply and training through other portfolio companies.

Support in international brand expansion, speeding up Vapiano brand penetration and optimizing returns.

Our aim is to reimagine and reestablish VAPIANO for the next generation of consumers. McWin has the track record and ecosystem in place that goes hand-in-hand with our brand. We are about purpose, with freshness and craftmanship on display. We have a digital first mindset to flex into different markets offline and online to provide the right experience at the right time. We look forward to growing as part of this exceptional portfolio of food service and food tech companies.

Alan Laughlin, CEO